Увядание желтых тюльпанов/ Wilting yellow tulips

Увядание цветов можно сравнить с хрупкостью жизни…/ The withering of flowers can be compared to the fragility of life…

1-й день/ 1st day

2-й день/ 2st day

3-й день/ 3st day

4-й день/ 4st day

5-й день/ 5st day

6-й день/ 6st day

7-й день/ 7st day

8-й день/ 8st day

Увядание желтых тюльпанов/ Wilting yellow tulips: 14 комментариев

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  1. Very interesting post. Amazing recommend the yellow tulips of fragrant for life. Beautiful all tulips , but day by day dry all tulips. Life will be same position . It’s my think. I hope am i right.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad it was interesting. tulips are very unstable flowers and in natural nature. but in the spring they are very pleasing to the eye.💐🌷💐

      1. Yes, they are very pleased to the eye. I like tulips.

    1. Thank you for your feedback and understanding. This is a story of sadness and hope, maturity and old age, and the beauty of any condition.

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