Мама за кадром #3/Mom behind the Scenes #3

English version below

Продолжаю публикации о мамочке моей внучки, активно снимающей свою дочку на видео.

Вспоминаю, как с замиранием сердца следишь за попытками своего малыша додуматься и выполнить какое-то задание в первый раз – соединить части фигурки, правильно выбрать их цвет, сложить по порядку колечки пирамидки – волнение зашкаливает… и вот получается! Ура!!!

За такие моменты можно отдать едва ли не всё на свете.

А когда твой малыш нежным голосом обращается к тебе “мама”, то по груди разливается приятное тепло, задернутое изморозью сердце оттаивает, и мамочка готова для своего малыша сделать невозможное.

Материнство дарит незабываемые моменты счастья!

English version

I continue to publish about my granddaughter’s mom, who is actively filming her daughter on video.

I remember how, with bated breath, you follow your baby’s attempts to think out and complete some task for the first time – to connect the parts of the figure, choose their color correctly, put the pyramid rings in order – the excitement goes off scale … and now it turns out! Hooray!!!

For such moments, you can give almost everything in the world.

And when your baby calls you “mom” in a gentle voice, a pleasant warmth spreads over your chest, a heart covered with frost thaws, and mom is ready to do the impossible for her baby.

Motherhood gives unforgettable moments of happiness!

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  1. What advisable post of granddaughter’s mom video. Very interesting teach the post. I am glad to you.
    Motherhood gives unforgettable moments of happiness!

    1. Motherhood gives unforgettable moments of happiness as a mom witnesses her baby’s first stand, first steps, and other infant milestones, cherishing each precious memory and guiding her child with boundless love through the beautiful journey of growth and discovery.

      1. I support. 🧡
        Procreation is such a great mystery that causes reverence and awe. 👩‍🍼
        A person has always tried to explore it, wanted to penetrate this mystery, to realize what is the deep meaning of the connection between mother and baby.
        It’s hard to describe in words, but you succeeded, Arun.
        You are a talented person, talented in everything – and in the literary genre too. Probably, your broad soul helps you to formulate your thoughts so beautifully and warmly. 💖

        Thank you so much, Arun, and I wish you creative inspiration.
        Olga 🫱

      2. Thank you so much for all your beautiful and kind words. Now let me know, how can I share some of my medias, means arts, made on PPT. Can I have your email ID please? I am on Facebook and Instagram also.
        My links are given in home page. However, here are those links.
        Please add me.
        As you said, I am talented. Very good. Whatever my expressens are, they are from mixture of my HEART & BRAIN. Both of them speaks with me and writes through my hands(fingers).

        I would like to share few of my medias, which are conceptual. I think there is a way. Let me find out.
        Have a great time.

      3. Of course, I want to see these media files. If they are of small volume, then you can send them by e-mail: kudinova@gmail.com
        Unfortunately, in Russia, due to the current political situation, the social networks Facebook and Instagram are banned.
        I have accounts there – they were created before this situation.
        When I can use them, I will stop in these social networks.
        I will wait for the letter.

        Best regards, Olga

  2. Awesome! A tear of joy glistens in her eyes as she witnesses her little one pulls themselves up, wobbling on unsteady feet for the first time. With outstretched arms and a heart full of pride, she celebrates this precious milestone, cherishing the magical moment of their first stand.
    With bated breath, she waits for those first sweet sounds to escape her baby’s lips. As they utter their first word, her heart swells with tenderness, knowing that this marks the beginning of a beautiful dialogue between mother and child, filled with laughter, love, and endless conversations.
    As her infant blossoms into a curious toddler, she revels in witnessing their enthusiasm for exploration. From little hands picking up pebbles to wide eyes gazing at the wonders of the world, she embraces each new adventure, knowing that she plays an essential role in nurturing their sense of wonder and curiosity.

    Wonderful video. Great moments.
    Best wishes for everyone.

    1. What a poetic comment, dear Arun! 👏👍👌
      Perhaps the most beautiful and pleasant comment I have ever received. Delight! 🌅
      Only a very kind and sympathetic person could say such a beautiful thing. 🙏😊💖
      How keenly do you feel the bond between mother and child. A very subtle perception of the relationship between a mother and her child.
      The birth of true friendship between the closest people on earth.
      A mother’s trepidation towards her child is difficult to measure with any instrument. Any indicators will go off scale – this delight in the development of your baby is endless.
      Thank you, Arun, and best regards.
      Olga 🌞🌞🌞

      1. “How keenly do you feel the bond between mother and child. A very subtle perception of the relationship between a mother and her child.”
        To your above question, my answer is I love and care my mother, my mom and I understand the Universal connection.
        I am 65 years old. my mom is about 85-86 years old. She stays almost 160 miles away. I speak to her daily twice and visit her periodically. From my mother’s love, I understand that a child remains child to his/her mom for ever.
        I have written 2-3 posts on Mother’s Day. Here is the link. Just have a glance. There is the media which is my concept.
        Below one is on fatherhood. Hope you will like it. If you like it, please share it.

        Below one is on motherhood.


        Hope above two will answer all that I want to say to all.
        Best regards to you Olga. 😊🙏

      2. It’s amazing, but I also have posts on my blog about Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. 👍
        It is so great that you are in touch with your mother every day. I understand you well. My parents are 85 years old. I also talk to them every day. Our positions have already changed somewhat – now I take care of them. They are very old and can’t do much on their own.
        Thanks for your feedback. I will share your posts. They are perfectly in the theme of my blog.

        Best regards, Olga 🤗

      3. Thank you so much. There are many similarities in our line of thinking.
        I am very glad to read your replies.
        Best regards.

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