Кошки моей сестры Алёнушки/ Cats of my sister Alyonushka

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Любите ли вы кошек?

Вы просто не умеете их готовить… 😊 как сообщает нам один из рекламных роликов.

Моя сестрёнка Алёнушка очень любит животных. Кошки, конечно, входят в их число. Надо сказать, что кошки и мои любимые домашние животные.

Эта публикация – дань восхищения глубиной любви моей сестры к кошкам. Сила чувства вдохновляет её запечатлевать в кадре самые разные выражения мордочек своих питомиц.

Тем, кто любит кошек, предлагаю насладиться их грацией, красотой, независимостью, свободой, величественностью…

Всегда на страже/ Always on guard
Утренняя чашка кофе – это святое/ Morning cup of coffee is sacred
Не трогать! Не то настроение/ Do not touch! Not the mood
Прошу не беспокоить/ Please do not disturb
Сладко спится на кровати хозяйки/ Sweet sleep on the bed of the hostess
Было вкусно…/ It was delicious…
В компании спокойнее/ The company is calmer
Домашний уют/ Home comfort
Просто задумалась…/ I just thought…
Бываю и такой/ I am also like this
У всех может быть тайна/ Everyone can have a secret

English version

Do you love cats?

You just don’t know how to cook them. 😊 As one of the commercials informs us.

My sister Alyonushka loves animals very much. Cats are, of course, one of them. I must say that cats are my favorite pets.

This post is a tribute to how deeply my sister loves cats. The power of feeling inspires her to capture in the frame a variety of facial expressions of her pets.

For those who love cats, I suggest you enjoy their grace, independence, freedom, beauty, majesty…

Кошки моей сестры Алёнушки/ Cats of my sister Alyonushka: 24 комментария

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  1. Stunning images of a cat. I adore Cats. They sit on my lap. I do not have any right now, but when I was younger, I did.
    A pet cat is an absolute delight; its irresistible charm, soft fur, and big eyes make it impossible not to adore. The way it snuggles into your lap brings an instant sense of comfort and joy. The gentle purring and playful antics create a special bond that fills your heart with warmth and happiness. Truly a lovable and adorable companion in every way.

    I’m happy to see your post after a long interval.
    Best wishes and regards, Olga.

    1. Good afternoon Arun. 🌞
      Glad to hear you. I’m glad you like cats too. 🐱🐈 You can watch them endlessly. We also have a cat, he is no longer young and not so playful. But he fit into our family completely – he knows all our habits and preferences. Communication with him is a special pleasure.
      I wish you all the joy! ☺💖🥳

      1. Yes, you are right no indifferent to these graceful creatures. I like. You remembered my childhood. When I child that time we played with cat and feeding cat. I like cat,❤️😽😻

      2. I’m glad you like cats too. As children, we are more open and can more sincerely express our feelings to those around us, including pets. And animals are also drawn to children, feeling kindred spirits in them.
        Have a nice day, Raj! 🧡🤗🌞

      3. Thank you so much. My dearest friend Olga❣️❤️🥰

    1. Спасибо за отклик. Черный такой крутыш! но они все в своем роде интересные.

  2. I don’t just love cats, Olga, I adore them. I like to think of them as God’s gifts, they’re so majestic and gentle, and playful at the same time.

    I used to grow with cats and now I have my pet, Fifi. These beautiful souls make our lives better and we should always be thankful.

    1. As I understand you, Katherine. Without cats, the world has lost the lion’s share of its charm. 🐈😽😻
      I also have a cat Aurelius. And my son had two cats before leaving the country. This is our family pet – loved and cherished by everyone.
      Thank you for your support and your comment.

      Good evening! 🌃🌅🏙

      1. Yeah, they’re a great part of our lives. 💙🐾

        Thank you as well, have a good evening 🌆✨

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