Мама за кадром #7/Mom behind the Scenes #7

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Продолжаю публикации о мамочке моей внучки, активно снимающей свою дочку на видео.

Кто из нас в детстве не играл в привидения? Но каково это – в первый раз осознать, что тебя может быть не видно, но слышно, а ещё вместо тебя движется куча одеяла и это очень страшно? Страшно для кого? Для окружающих, конечно. И эта куча одеяла такая непонятная, а звуки такие угрожающие, что ведь должны же у мамы мурашки по коже побежать. Обязательно!

И что же тогда будет? Когда страшно испугавшаяся мама вдруг поймет, что это всего-навсего лишь её милая дочурка, тогда любимая мамочка, наверно, очень сильно обрадуется? Вот и проверим…

Предчувствия внучку не обманули. Мама, безусловно, обрадовалась…

Вот такая веселая кутерьма!

А ведь еще не закончена история с “сухим” бассейном, наполненным шариками. Кроме того, что в шариках можно валяться и кувыркаться, в них еще можно скатываться с горки. Тогда ухаешь прямо вниз, теряя почву под ногами.

Вот уж где тоже веселая кутерьма!

И напоследок немного интеллектуального упражнения, чтобы размять “соображаловку” малыша. Соберем-ка башню из кубиков, на которую посадим гордую птицу. Мама, конечно же, немного скорректирует и подскажет. И вот уже…

… всё опять прекрасно получилось!

Просто “Винни Пух и день забот” только наоборот, когда всё. что ни задумаешь, удается!

English version

I continue posting about my granddaughter’s mother, who is actively filming her daughter.

Who among us didn’t play with ghosts as a child? But what does it feel like to realize for the first time that you may not be visible, but you can be heard, and that a pile of blankets are moving instead of you and this is very scary? Scary for whom? For others, of course. And this pile of blankets is so incomprehensible, and the sounds are so threatening that it should give the mother goosebumps. Necessarily!

So what will happen then? When a terribly frightened mother suddenly realizes that this is just her sweet daughter, then her beloved mother will probably be very happy? Let’s check it out…

The granddaughter’s premonitions were not deceived. Mom was definitely happy…

This is such a fun mess!

But the story with the “dry” pool filled with balls is not over yet. In addition to the fact that you can roll around and tumble in the balls, you can also slide down a slide in them. Then you fall straight down, losing ground under your feet.

That’s where the fun is going on too!

And finally, a little intellectual exercise to stretch the baby’s “thinking”. Let’s build a tower of cubes on which we’ll place a proud bird. Mom, of course, will make a little adjustment and give some advice. And now…

… everything turned out great again!

It’s just “Winnie the Pooh and Worry Day” in reverse. Whatever you put your mind to, succeeds!

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  1. Hello Olga,
    It is nice to see your post. Gone through this.
    It seems like you’re sharing a delightful story about your granddaughter’s playful activities with her mother. The narrative captures the innocence and wonder of childhood, where simple things like playing with blankets or a pool filled with balls can bring immense joy and excitement. The description of building a tower of cubes with a proud bird adds a touch of intellectual engagement to the playtime.

    The passage exudes a sense of warmth and love, particularly in the way the mother responds to her daughter’s imaginative play. It’s heartwarming to see how the mother’s initial fright transforms into joy and amusement as she realizes the source of the mysterious movements under the blankets.

    Overall, your story paints a vivid picture of a loving and playful family dynamic where creativity and imagination are celebrated. It’s a wonderful reminder of the magic that can be found in everyday moments with loved ones. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming tale!
    After reading your posts, I try to go back to my childhood with my grandparents.

    Please continue to share more family stories. It stays in a binding state with love and affection.
    Kind regards.
    Best wishes.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog, Arun. Nice to hear your thoughts in such a detailed comment. 🙏
      Childhood is a separate country from which we leave with a charge of vigor and positivity in the presence of a good friendly family.
      Childhood is a land of fairy tales and dreams, when everything in the world seems magical and everything in the world seems possible. The other day my granddaughter bought herself a mattress. She took her wallet with change and at the checkout said that she was buying a mattress herself and knowledgeably gave the cashier one coin. Everyone around melted and was touched by the girl’s confidence.
      I remember that my little daughter came and said, during my discussion with my husband about funds to buy an apartment, that she had a lot of money in her bag, and she would give it all away so that there would be no problems with buying an apartment
      Childhood is unforgettable.
      Happy memories! 💾💾💾

      1. Hello Olga,
        Very happy to read your memory lines. Writing and expressing memories, stories is an art.
        Your reflection beautifully captures the essence of childhood. It is indeed a unique realm, filled with wonder, imagination, and boundless possibilities. During those early years, we’re endowed with a sense of vitality and a positive outlook, largely shaped by the presence of a loving and supportive family.

        Your anecdotes paint a vivid picture of the innocence and generosity that often define childhood. The story of your granddaughter confidently buying a mattress with her own money is a testament to the fearless spirit that children often possess. It’s heartwarming to see how her actions touched everyone around her.

        The memory of your daughter expressing her willingness to give away her money for the sake of buying an apartment is a powerful testament to the purity of a child’s heart. It speaks volumes about the selflessness and unconditional love that can be found in the young.

        Your reflections serve as a poignant reminder that the experiences and sentiments of childhood are truly unforgettable. They shape us in profound ways, leaving a lasting impact on the people we become. Thank you for sharing these touching moments that illuminate the magic of childhood.
        Take care.
        Best wishes.

      2. Thank you Arun. 😊🙏 You are absolutely right. Much in a person is hidden in childhood.~👶👶👶~
        Your words highlight the details of this, the peculiarities of children’s consciousness and worldview.
        The more security a child feels in childhood, the more free he is from edifying communication, the more open he is externally and, most importantly, internally to different points of view on himself, people and events, he grows up as a more oriented, conscious – and therefore prosperous person.

        May your day be bright! 🌞🌞🌞

    1. Thanks for the comment. It’s so nice to read kind words.👋😊🙋 You always support me in my publications. Thanks for this. 🧡💚🤝
      I wish you a wonderful mood and excellent dishes!

  2. Hello my best friend olga! How are you doing? Very interesting & advisable story you share about your granddaughter playful & activity wtith her mother. I like. Happy memories.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Glad you found it interesting. It’s so nice to read your kind words and feel your support, Raj.
      I wish you a wonderful mood and a wonderful day! 🧡👋🙋

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